The Coordination Bureau provides assistance to the Priority Area Coordinators in order to guarantee the qualitative, responsible and innovative implementation of the strategy through:

  • establishing and maintaining contacts with the Contact Points for PA 11 and the experts from the participating countries, the European Commission and different stakeholders;
  • developing together with all the parties involved a work program and taking all necessary steps to report the progress;
  • agreeing with the Priority Area Coordinators and coordinating together with the Steering Group the assessment of the project ideas which are being submitted;
  • facilitating the practical aspects of the work including the organization of meetings of the Steering Group.


The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria (International Co-operation Directorate) is committed to implementing the tasks of the Priority Area 11 Coordination Bureau.


For contacts: 


Coordination Bureau of Priority Area 11


European Strategy for Danube Region 
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria
29 Shesti Septemvri Street, 1000 Sofia – Bulgaria


Telephone: +359 2 982 59 70 br /> Fax: +359 2 980 32 48